Monday, September 10, 2012

and a-weigh I go...

I sat down to type a new blog post and I was completely STUNNED to see that it has been more than I year since my last post. I know I am a grade A slacker, but a year is ridiculous.

As usual lack of posts = bad weight loss results.  My weight is back to my "normal" level of 402 pounds.  That is the weight I am at when I am not trying to loose.  I have weighed that much for most of the last 10 years. I may lose 20 or 30 pounds on various weight loss programs, but once I get off track, back up it goes.

While my weight may be almost the same, I have noticed a sharp decline in my actual health over the past six months or so.  Things I used to take for granted, like walking up a flight of stairs, or walking a few blocks, have become a challenge. My numbers (blood sugar, cholesterol, etc) are getting worse, and are getting closer to problem levels.

I know it is time (yet again) to get my act together and do something about my health.  During my last check up with my doctor he mentioned that their office has a new comprehensive Weight Loss Program. I have done several weight loss type thing through various doctor's offices (nutritionists, pills, etc.) and have had only temporary success. It seems that this new program is much more comprehensive that anything I have tried before.  It covers all four areas that can effect weight loss; Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Health, and Medical Health.

With all of my previous experience with trying to loose weight, I have an extensive knowledge of the first two areas.  I know what I should and should not eat, how many calories and fat grams foods have. I also know that I need to walk and how to work out at the gym.  I don't know why I am over eating, or what prompted me to gain so much weight in the first place. Also, why I can't stick with a weight loss program for more than a few months?  

I am hoping that a comprehensive program that finally addresses all of these areas will work for me.  I had my first appointment last week and I loved the Doctor I saw.  I will meet the rest of the doctors and medical professionals in the program over the next month or so. I am really excited so far and really really really want this to work !!  Please let me have the strength, motivation, and commitment to see it through.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Jersey Shore run ins

I just got back from vacation last week.  We were visiting family in New Jersey, and it was great seeing Dee's family, since we only get to see them once a year.

Being out of my comfort zone threw me off my eating plan and exercise routine.  I had lost another 4 or 5 pounds right before I left for NJ.  Having access to my old favorite foods (Pork Roll mmmmm!!), and not having my usual stockpile of healthy foods and beverages made it really challenging. 

I didn't use our trip to go completely off the bandwagon and eat everything in site. I tried to make the best decisions I could, and I had limited success.  I ended up gaining 3 or 4 pounds back while on vacation. But I am back at home now and getting back into my healthy routine, so those added pounds should come off in no time.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Results as of last week

Just a quick update, since I began my new journey at 402 pounds I have lost 19 pounds !! 

I am very happy with everything and I am proud of the progress so far !!

Stay tuned for more detailed updates.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A new Journey

After many false starts, I am once again taking the first step of a long journey towards making a healthier me. As I had mentioned before I am doing the Couch to 5k program again.  I am also going to the gym more consistently than before.

The most important step I have taken, is hiring a nutritionist to help me properly eat and manage my weight.  I was very excited to get started and I like everything so far.  Eating has always been a challenge for me, but with some help, I know I can get it under control.

I am not focusing on a weight loss number, and I am not going to constantly weigh myself.  I will do a weigh in periodically, so I will have some idea how much success I am having.  When I weight myself earlier this week, I was saddened to learn that I was back in the 400+ range.

My starting weight is 402lbs.  How much lower will it be??

Friday, May 20, 2011

What a scare

I had a bit of a health scare around the Bunny 5k race. The week leading up to the race I was having a harder time breathing and I seemed to be out of breath whenever I was exerting myself (going up the stairs, brisk walking etc.) I figured it was just the start of a chest cold, and would get better in a few days.  During the 5k I was really struggling, and was out of breath the whole time, but I just ignored it and kept going.

I still was having trouble breathing on Easter, so I went to the Doctor. A few weeks ago, we had changed my BP medication, and that change was causing me to retain a lot of water. All of that water was constricting my heart and lungs causing my breathing issues (I heard them mention Congestive Heart Failure.) That scared the crap out of me !!

They put me on a new diuretic, and I feel much better now. And the follow up tests (EEG and x-rays) came back normal.  I had caused myself and my family a lot of worry and anxiety.

Time to make more changes !!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Tortise finishes the race

The Bunny Run 5k is over and WE DID IT !!!!   My wife and Daughter both finished the race and I did as well.  I won't say I ran during the race, I was one of the last people, but I  finished it !!  I had a few issues during the race (more on that in a later post) but I made it to the end. I am very proud of all of us for sticking to it and working hard to finish a goal.

I want to thank and congratulate all of our class mates in the Couch to 5k program. I also want to give a special shout out to Tommy Snodgrass, and all his helpers, meeting me at the finish line and helping me finish the race meant the world to me, and my Family.

I have signed up for the Spring / Summer Couch to 5K class, I plan on running my next 5k in June. So stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back to the Doctors

I received a call from my Doctor's office last week reminding me that was due to have my A1C levels checked again.  After making my appointment, I began to dread the upcoming visit. While I have been getting some exercise with the Couch to 5k program,  I have been slacking pretty badly on the eating front. I have been drinking soda with abandon, and pretty much eating whatever I felt like. I KNEW my A1C was going to go up, and the Dr was going to up my Meds.

I only been intermittently checking my blood pressure and blood sugar.  My BP has been running a bit high. but not too bad. My blood sugar is another story entirely.  My morning readings (when I bothered with them) have been running from 1980 to 220 or so (it should be under 120!) I just blew it off telling myself that I had a big pasta dinner the night before, or some other lame excuse, but they were consistently high enough to tell me that it was more than that.

My fears were justified, my A1C was over 8.  It was 7 something last time, and should be under 6.  My BP was also high and I had gained 13 pounds since I was last at my GP doctor 5 months ago. As predicted, my Doctor put me on a new Diabetes medicine, in addition to the one I am currently on. He also increased my BP medication too. When I called and told my Dad how I made out at the Dr. I could hear the concern and disappointment in his voice.  He has had a lot of health issues in the last few years, and doesn't want me to go down that road also. How can I keep letting every once down ??????

This visit was yet another slap int he face wake up call for me to get my big butt in gear and do something about my health !! (As many slaps in the face I have had, I am beginning to wonder if I am into S&M or something?) So stay tuned, hopefully I have turned the corner !!